What a great store to shop or just browse. Love the Ninety Ninth Monkey! Your natural make-up is better than what I used to buy from the cosmetic counter and your headache stick has been a life saver. I will be back!!

Pam Goulbourne

What first brought me into the store, was the name. Curious as I am, I had to go in. The staff and owner are very welcoming and helpful. They answered all my questions and I researched  every item that I was interested in. I love the organic makeup line. It is safe and has many healthy ingredients for the skin. You can look good while protecting your skin. They have a new deodorant called lavalin. It is cream based that you apply at night. You only apply it every 5-7 days. Works so well that I am on my second container. I love the skin care lines and soap they sell and I have bought several of them, and use. I am really pleased about this store. The prices are reasonable, the quality is excellent and it is in Brooklin. A great shopping experience.

Diane John

Thank you so much for your amazing customer service and wonderful products!  Our little group is thrilled.  Your prices are better than any we have found in the US or Canada but it is your service that really makes the experience!  I have never in my life received the level of service your family provided.  I know we were a hassle but you always made us feel valued and important.  You all bent over backwards to answer questions as well as make multiple receipts and payments for our group transaction.  We are very impressed and will all shop as much as possible at “The Ninety Nineth Monkey”.

Robyn Hamilton, Calgary, AB, 2015

Good morning,
I bought two planet boxes on Saturday and I just want to say that I love mine and can’t wait for my son to try his out once school starts. I’m very happy with these products so far… even though my poor visa took a big hit. 😉 haha. I’m very certain they will be worth every penny for years to come. Thank you for carrying these! Have a great day!
p.s. I loved the smell of the store. If I’m in the area again I will not hesitate to pop in.

Crystal Cryderman, Toronto, ON, 2015

Hello Ninety Ninth Monkey,
I am writing to tell you how thrilled I am with your PlanetBox products. I bought a Rover for each of my two children and we just love them. They have taught my children independence in preparing their lunches and they have learned proper portion control and nutrition as there is a section for each requirement (ie: carbs, protein, fruit, veggie). And there is such a reduction in clutter. During the school week, we stack the kits in the fridge overnight. When not in use, we store all the unused accessories inside the kits which are inside the carry bags! No more need for tons of Tupperware. And with PlanetBox there are replacement parts if needed. You don’t have to throw out the whole kit and buy a new one. We’ve since added Pods, extra dippers and BottleRockets to our lunch supplies and are even happier than ever with the extended variety this allows us. Thanks for everything – including your fantastic customer service. We love shopping with you.

Jenny Kaiserling, Toronto, ON, 2016