The Story Of The Hundredth Monkey

monkeyIn 1952, on an island near Japan, scientists were giving monkeys sweet potatoes. They would drop sweet potatoes in the sand; the monkeys liked the potatoes, but they found the sand and grit unpleasant. One day a young monkey named Imo, discovered the trick of washing the potatoes in the salty ocean. She taught this technique to her mother. Imo’s playmates learned this new method and they taught their mothers. Unless monkeys were taught this new social improvement, they continued to eat dirty sweet potatoes. In time, hypothetically Ninety Nine monkeys had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. That’s when something startling happened! When one more monkey learned to wash its sweet potatoes, it became the hundredth monkey; suddenly all the monkeys on the island knew to wash their potatoes without being taught. The added energy of the hundredth monkey created the ideological advancement. But there is more! Surprisingly the habit of washing sweet potatoes jumped over the sea. Suddenly colonies of monkeys on other islands began washing their sweet potatoes without being taught.

It is the purpose of the Ninety Ninth Monkey to allow people the choice and opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly and healthy products; by doing this the level of environmental consciousness will be increased. Eventually one more person making the change to cleaner alternative products, could create that critical number that would change the universal attitude to truly working to save our planet and improve our health.

One More Makes the Change!