Pack Bento Style Lunches This Fall

bento box lunch

Packing bento style lunches for school have gained popularity as a simple way to send the kids to school with a healthy, balanced meal.

Here are five reasons to embrace this packed lunch trend this fall:

  1. Assembling lunch is simple if you follow the formula: a protein, a vegetable, a fruit and a fun extra like cranberries, granola balls, or even a cookie.
  2. Shift to waste-free lunches: Bento box style containers eliminate the need for ziplocs, packaged snacks and are reusable for snacks and meals well beyond the school year.
  3. Lunch ideas for days: With the popularity of this style of lunch making, there seems to be a limitless amount of recipes and resources available on Pinterest and the web. Try using a melon baller to add fruity balls of cantaloupe or watermelon to a lunch, or snipping out some bits of cucumber circles to turn them into stars can make mealtime so much more fun
  4. Easy to clean up: Most bento style containers go right into the dishwasher, like one of our popular selling products, the Planetbox Rover,  for quick clean up. One reason to choose the Planetbox as your preferred lunch box is that the lids are attached-no need to search for lost lids.
  5. Kids love them: Kids love not needing to fuss with lids and zippers when you pack them a bento lunch. As well, bento packed lunches let you add a variety of foods so they can eat a bit of their favourite foods each day.

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