BUILD YOUR OWN PlanetBox Rover Kit with Sleeve (you must choose an option for each box)



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Magnet Options


The PlanetBox Rover is designed for those who prefer to sample a wide variety of foods with smaller serving sizes. The Rover holds nearly 4.5 cups of food, which happily satisfies many customers, including both adults and children. The Rover Complete Kit includes a Rover lunchbox, the Big and Little Dipper for wet messy foods, your choice of super fun magnets designs, as well as a Rover Carry Bag for easy transport available in a variety of vibrant colors.

Weight:  2.5 lbs for a Complete Kit
Dimensions: 12 × 9 × 2.5 in for a Complete Kit
Care: Stainless products dishwasher safe, wipe clean magnets, hand wash carry bag




Additional information


Beach, Draw It Yourself, Emoticons, Gifts Galore, Gingerbread House, Green Globe, Groovy, Modern Art, Paisley & Plaid, Planet Plaid, Rainbow, Rainforest, Retro Kitty, Robots, Rockets, Sports Balls, Trains, Under the Sea, Wheelies, Winter Wonderland


Black, Blue, NO SLEEVE

Water Bottle

11.0 oz Blastoff Black, 18.8 oz Blastoff Black, 11.0 oz Gravity Grey, 18.8 oz Gravity Grey, 11.0 oz Perfectly Pink, 18.8 oz Perfectly Pink, 11.0 oz Power Purple, 18.8 oz Power Purple, 11.0 oz Rocket Red, 18.8 oz Rocket Red, 11.0 oz Starry Blue, 18.8 oz Starry Blue, NO WATER BOTTLE

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