4 Ways to Engage In Self-Care Over The Winter

essential oils for self care

Winter can be hard on us Canadians. The cold, dry air chills and chaps us, and dries up our motivations. However, the urge to stay nestled in our winter dens offers us opportunities to focus on caring for ourselves as we cozy up inside. Instead of letting winter overcome you, take advantage of this prime time to set up healthy self-care habits.

Lotion Up

With the cold air drying us out, now is the perfect time to start being more routine about skin care. Give your body’s largest organ – your skin – some special treatment and nourish it with natural and non-toxic body lotions. Shop with care, ensuring that harmful chemicals are not part of the ingredients and that the lotion you choose offers healthful properties instead.

Essential Oil Diffuser

With the chill outside, we tend to keep our windows and doors shut tight to the outdoor weather. Since there is less air circulation and fresh air entering our homes, things can tend to get a little stuffy. By using an essential oil diffuser in your home, you can combat any smells, and the fresher, aromatic air can help to uplift your mood or offer you comfort, depending on which oil you opt for. Check out our selection of high-quality essential oil diffusers and pure essential oils here.

Stay Hydrated

It’s not just our skin that dries out in winter. By staying on top of hydration, you can keep your body from becoming dehydrated, ensuring that you are better able to cope with any illnesses that come your way. Keeping an easy-to-use water bottle filled with water in reach throughout your days will help you to stay hydrated. Just make sure to choose a non-toxic water bottle so you know you’re doing your body good.

Tea can also be a comforting way of increasing your intake of liquids in the cold weather. Enjoy the mind-calming warmth of a nice cup of fair trade tea.

Invest In Positive Changes

The cold dull of winter can get us down. Now is the perfect time to take a look around at the possessions that surround you and swap out what doesn’t fit with your life vision for more appropriate items.

Tired of dealing with all the random plastic food containers from daily lunches? Let them go in favour of healthier, more longer-lasting and convenient options, like all-in-one stainless steel lunch boxes.

Wanting to decrease your environmental impact? Invest in more reusable products, like dryer balls.

Dream of living healthier? Swap out any products containing toxic chemicals with natural products, that keep our bodies and ecosystems cleaner.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have to let our ambitions for a healthy lifestyle falter. Use this season to take a look inward and nurture your body and soul with better choices for yourself and the planet. Start now, and ring in the Spring with a happier, healthier you.