5 Reasons To Use Cloth Diapers

5 reasons to choose cloth diapers

Cloth diapers have come a long way from what they once were.

Here are 5 good reasons to ditch the disposable as much as you can.

Chemicals and harsh ingredients

Do you know what’s in a typical disposable diaper? The materials and ingredients, along with the processes they go through to come to their final form, leave you with harsh chemicals sitting against your baby’s most delicate parts. By using cloth diapers made of natural materials, washed in a gentle, eco-friendly detergent, you can help to limit yet one more source of skin conditions, hormone disruptions, and the rest of the potentials those chemicals offer.

Save Money

The cost of diapers adds up quickly when you’re changing somewhere around 10 diapers a day at the newborn stage, and will likely continue to use diapers for years to come, until your little one is fully toilet trained. Depending on how many diapers you’re using, how often you’re changing, and the brand you choose, you could pay up to $2,500 to diaper your child for 2.5 years. The cost of using quality made and functionally designed reusable cloth diapers is much less (and after you get the hang of them, you may find them easier to use).

Landfill Contribution

According to Environment Canada, over 4 million disposable diapers are used in Canada every day. That’s a lot of diapers bound for the landfill, and considering it takes about 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose, things are piling up fast.

Increases Baby’s Body Awareness

Disposable diapers are made to suck up wetness so quickly that infants and toddlers won’t be able to feel the sensation of being wet as easily as they would in a cloth diaper. While this may make baby more comfortable, the uncomfortable feeling of having a wet or soiled diaper can help make potty training easier. Feeling the wetness will help baby realize the connection between how they feel when they need to relieve themselves. Learning these body cues, and not wanting to feel discomfort can help encourage potty training naturally.

Functional & Adorable

As mentioned before, today’s cloth diapers are nothing like your grandma’s stained fabric pieces held together with pins. In place of pins, you get velcro or snaps, and in place of awkward stains you can choose the cutest patterns and happiest colours. And when summer comes and the clothes fall away, these stylish and eco-friendly diapers will look like a fashion statement under a sundress or paired with a sippy cup.

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