Launch Into A Greener Future With Litterless Lunches

Launch Into A Greener Future With Litterless Lunches

The piles and piles of garbage and recycling I see hauled from homes each year after Christmas will never cease to catch me off guard. It’s amazing how much waste is generated from our celebrations. It’s easier to see our tendencies to toss aside what isn’t needed when it’s so much at once, but what if we stop to consider the impact of our daily wastefulness. Christmas is one day out of the year, whereas meals happen every day, three times a day.

It’s no secret that the world needs our help, and doing our part to reduce what goes into the trash during lunch time can really add up for a greener, cleaner planet. If you’re still working out what your resolutions for this new year will be, why not consider taking on the challenge of going litterless with lunches. In order to help you out with this worthwhile goal, here are a few tips.

Invest in the Right Equipment
One’s less inclined to go running if she doesn’t have running shoes. The same is true for packing lunches, too – if you don’t have containers that are functional and easy to use, you’re going to reach for the disposable packages.

PlanetBox lunch systems are a fantastic choice for eco-friendly eaters. There are so many options when it comes to these lunch boxes and accessories, that we recommend you check them out for yourself here.

JetPack For Litterless Lunches

Recently the makers of PlanetBox have launched another brilliant tool for keeping wastes low while keeping style and function high: the JetPack Backpack . Below the roomy main compartment, zippered pockets, and side pockets for water bottles, the lower zippered docking station is the perfect place to keep your PlanetBox stored flat and easily accessible for when it’s time for a bite to eat. These useful packs are made from recycled fibres, and free of lead, phthalates and BPA. They come with a variety of colours and designs. (The Nebula is a favourite!)

Keep Disposables Out of Sight
If you have to keep some disposable options around, like plastic wrap and throw-away baggies, keep them in a hidden spot where you can’t see them, and will need to dig a bit to find them. Then when you pack a snack, you and the other members in your household will be more inclined to grab a reusable container than opting for the toss-away kind. (This works great for paper towel, too!)

Choose Foods That Require Little to no Prep
You don’t have to be Supermom (or Superdad). Chances are you’re already pretty super anyways. Don’t feel like you need to make gourmet sandwiches designed into Mona Lisa recreations that will be mashed up with teeth in no time. Keep your fridge and pantry stocked with easy whole foods that don’t take much prep time, like grapes, cherry tomatoes, apples, almonds, cucumbers, bananas, celery, avocados, and oranges. Also, try to make a big batch of an easy to make, easy to take snack once a week (like power balls, granola bars or banana muffins), and opt for pre-made snacks (like hummus chips and dry cereal) in larger or bulk sizes to cut down on the amount of “behind the scenes” packaging.

Get Inspired
If you’re new at packing lunches without any packaging involved, take a look at what others are packing for some inspiration. The PlanetBox Meal Planner app is a helpful tool for designing, planning, and sharing ideas about what to fill your lunch box with that might just turn you into a pro at to-go meal planning in no time! You can also head over to our PlanetBox Lunch Ideas Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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There’s no time like the present to get started on a greener future. We offer many options to equip you with the tools to lessen your waste footprint in style.