4 Fun Ideas To Beat The Lunch Box Blues

Litterless lunch ideas

Some kids live for lunch while others seem to have no interest in eating. As a parent, it can be stressful and frustrating to see those lunch boxes return home with nary a bite taken. If your little one could use some motivation to munch that healthy and nourishing lunch you lovingly pack each morning, these ideas for adding some fun to the lunch box just might do the trick!

And if your youngster already has a healthy appetite? There’s still no harm in making the opening up of that lunch box an exciting part of the day that connects your child with you by showing your little one some special effort.

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Bites

Your child doesn’t get excited about what’s on their plate (or in their lunch kit)? Why not jazz it up a little bit by turning those bits of nourishment into a feast for the eyes.

Check out these creative ideas for turning your Planetbox lunches into a canvas of deliciousness, and follow Planetbox on Instagram to keep an eye out for more picture perfect meals.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Lunch Box

Preschools and daycares have been known to intertwine children’s literature and oral storytelling with the snacks and meals they serve. Why not give this a try yourself, to cultivate interest in both stories and healthy eating?

Find some stories you and your children can enjoy, and attempt to incorporate the story into your child’s lunch. Here are some great ideas to get you started, and here are some more stories that revolve around food, but make sure to take a look at the books you already enjoy with your child, and see if you can pull some ideas from there (Googling the book’s title with “snack ideas” is always a handy trick to use when creativity is running low).

Another way to peak interest in food through storytelling is by making up a story to go along with the food. Perhaps your child helps you pack up their lunch as you tell the story that involves each edible, or print out a poem or nursery rhyme to tape to the lunch box if your child can read.

Sandwich Cutters That Pack A Punch

Sometimes all it takes to make an ordinary and formerly boring food appealing is a different cut. Try these Lunch Punch shape cutters to turn sandwiches, slices of fruit, cheese, and other edibles in a variety of shapes and puzzles.

The Lunch Box Magnet

Presenting something in a package that wows can often make what’s in the box more exciting, too. Keep things interesting and make your little’s Planetbox lunchbox more attractive with these interchangeable magnets that come in many different and eye-catching designs. There’s something for everyone! Find magnet decor for your Planetbox lunchbox here.

Let’s fill those bellies with foods that are healthy and exciting. Happy lunching!