Planning The Perfect PlanetBox Lunch

How to prepare your Planetbox lunches

Packing lunches can be overwhelming. With so many different allergy restrictions, tastes and preferences, dietary needs, making sure you and your children’s lunch is ready to go each morning can be a challenge. But, it doesn’t need to be so stressful! With the PlanetBox lunch system, everything is ready to go, no little baggies and wraps needed. All that needs to happen is to pop in some deliciously healthy food choices, and you’re done!

There is always something to be said for thinking ahead. Planning is a serious tool for destressing your life and ensuring that everything flows as smoothly as possible throughout your day. A helpful tip to ease that morning rush is to take some time before going to bed to prepare for the next day. Taking those 15-30 minutes to prep, gather and pack the things you need to head out the door in the morning will be well worth it once the alarm clock rings.

To help you make the most of the prep time you have, here are a few fantastic resources to help you plan what you’ll put in your PlanetBox lunches. Whether you create a month, week, or simple day-by-day plan of what will go in those mid-day meals, these are sure to make your life easier with simple ideas for healthy (and tasty) components to that perfect lunch.

PlanetBox Lunch Box Meal Planner

This meal planner, specifically designed with PlanetBoxes in mind, is a top resource for inspiring lunches. This awesome app and website allows you to create and save entire meal ideas, with photos, of lunches nestled into your PlanetBox. These ideas can also be shared with others who use the app, to allow for a community of meal packers that can benefit from the different ideas that each other comes up with. The meals can be tagged so that you can easily find ideas suitable for different diets and needs, such as gluten-free, low fat, organic, and so many more. Even if you don’t have a PlanetBox yet (which you can order here), you can definitely benefit from all the amazing ideas and tools.

Lunch.Food Recipes

This handy dandy website has four main themes for their highly visual lunch recipes: Recommended, Popular, Easy and Healthy. Beyond these simple groupings, you can search for different ideas, or go into the Advanced Search to plug in what items you already have in your fridge, exclude ideas with specific ingredients you want to avoid, and come up with a plethora of choices for what you can make. These recipes, much like the PlanetBox Meal Planner, can be saved and shared.

emeals Healthy Lunch Plan

Some of us simply can’t find the time to plan out our meals ahead of time, and that’s okay. Life is busy. We do what we can. If your life falls into this category right now, you might want to check out this meal-planning service. While it isn’t a free resource, you will receive a weekly plan that includes 5 weekday lunch plans, the simple recipes for these plans, and an organized shopping list. There are a variety of different plans you can choose from, such as gluten-free, kid-friendly, clean eating, or budget, and if you struggle beyond just lunches, there are plans available for breakfast and dinner as well.

20 Healthy Lunch Ideas

Many of these ideas and recipes are a little more on the “adult” side. Perfect for those of us who have had it with peanut butter sandwiches and want a little more diversity of tastes in our lunch boxes. Most can be made for dinner the night before (nothing like doubling up on great ideas!) and taste just as good the next day, and all are full of healthy nutrition.

Here’s to happier, healthier, easier days with perfectly planned lunches and full bellies!