Personal Products for Back To School

personal care products for kids

Heading back to school might mean your youngsters getting into more solid routines for personal care after all the summer fun. Instead of reaching for commonly used products that contain harmful ingredients, start off the school year right with non-toxic and eco-friendly personal products that are safe for the whole family.

Four Healthier Personal Care Products For Back To School

Shampoo & Conditioner – One big way to cut out the toxins your family is exposed to is to switch to more natural hair care products. There are a variety of options for shampoo & conditioner that are organic, biodegradable and free of those nasty ingredients, like phthalates and chemical fragrances found in many of the usual hair care products. Some of the best safe and natural brands of hair care products we’ve found and stock are Kogi Naturals, Maiga Organics, Original Sprout, and The Honest Company. You can check out all of our favourite natural hair care products here.

Body Wash – Who wants to scrub clean with soaps that are dirty? Just like the hair care industry, many soaps are also known to contain not-so-very-healthy ingredients. Instead opt for products like Kogi Naturals Natural Body Wash and The Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Body Wash (which also does double duty as shampoo).

Deodorant – Maybe your little ones aren’t so very little anymore. With the onset of puberty comes all those hormones that make them start smelling not so very sweet. Help them deal with body odor without the use of antiperspirants and deodorants that have been known to increase their health risks. This natural, safe and effective spray-on deodorant will definitely do the job, without antiperspirants or harmful chemicals.

Nail Polish – You might already know that your average nail polish contains harmful ingredients like TPHP (an endocrine-disrupting chemical), toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. While they’re not great for anyone to slather on their nails, hormone-disrupting chemicals are especially harmful to children before and during puberty. If your child is interested in having slick and colourful nails, pass on the toxins and choose a kid-friendly, non-toxic, low-odor nail polish like Piggy Paint. These awesome pops of colourful polish come in an incredible variety of colours to satisfy whatever style your youngster is looking for.

Good luck with all the Back To School preparations and excitement! Here’s to a happy, healthful school year.