5 Ways to Prep for an Easy Back To School

easy back to school

For some of us it may seem far too early to start thinking about making the transition from the slow summer days to the rushed mornings and sending our youngsters off to full days of school. However, two months of freedom passes quickly. By making sure to keep the future in focus, we can lay down the groundwork to make that transition easier on the whole family. Here are five ways to prepare yourself and your little ones for a less stressful back to school experience.

Make the Most of Summer

The days may be long, but the summers are short. While we splash and frolic in the summer sunshine that dips well into the evening, the summer seems to slip away. It can be very hard for us to move on to the next thing if we feel we haven’t had a chance to experience the first.

Yes, keep the impending return to school in mind, but remember to enjoy the here and now, too. Think about the most important goals you wanted to accomplish this summer, and ask your family members what goals matter most to them, too. Make a point to schedule those important items from your “summer bucket list” onto your calendar. Everyone will feel more ready to move on from the summer with these happy memories to hold with them as we slip into fall.

Inspire Self-Awareness

As September approaches, make a point of chatting with your children. Ask them questions that will help them start to define who they are and who they want to be. What kinds of things do they like now, that they didn’t before? What kinds of things do they like to do? What would they like to learn or improve in the coming year? What kind of people do they feel good to be around? What kinds of behaviours make them feel upset?

By talking to our children about the future and themselves, we can help them form positive self-identities and realize what they want out of school and life, and what kinds of choices they may need to get what they want. For instance, if they realize they enjoy spending time with certain friends who make them feel good about themselves and others, instead of classmates who bring them down, they may be more ready to seek out positive relationships over negative ones.

Practice New Routines

Summer has a way of making all our routines go out the window. Instead of waiting for that first day of school to get back into the swing of things, make a pact with your family to start practicing morning and evening routines that will make for more successful days. Take the time early to help your children remember or learn the steps to get themselves bathed, dressed, packed, and otherwise ready for back to school. Are they old enough now to add new responsibilities to their routines? If they are now able to do their own hair, or make their own breakfast, you’ll be glad you got started perfecting the process before everyone’s rushing in the morning.

Simplify Lunches

Packing lunches is often one of the largest laments from parents. Yes, it can be a chore to make sure everyone has nutritious food that they’ll actually eat, ready and waiting to take along. But if you’re set up from the beginning with the right container for your needs, making lunches becomes so much easier for a variety of reasons. For instance, PlanetBox lunch kits are all-in-one, eco-friendly and non-toxic containers that look good, are easy to clean, harder to lose than multiple containers, and set you up to pack a variety of portion-perfect foods quickly and easily. You can read more about the reasons for switching to a PlanetBox Lunch Kit here.

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Invest in Quality Gear

As adults, we feel more motivated to go to that party or meeting when we are all dressed up and ready to go with the clothes and accessories that we like and feel good in. By helping our children put their best foot forward with the gear they need and feel joy about, we are nurturing the motivation to get up and get to school on time and in good spirits. Not only do the items we invest in for back to school need to fit our personalities and preferences, but even more important, they need to actually work for their purpose.

By investing in quality back to school gear, such as a durable and carefully-designed backpack that also happens to look attractive, we are setting out children up for success. We’re also setting our wallets up for success by not having to reinvest multiple times in cheaply made and cheaply priced tools that just don’t work properly. The investment in quality is always worth it.

Good luck getting ready for back to school season! It’s going to be a great year!