Four Tips To Simplify Your School Lunch Meal Prep

meal prep school lunches

Do you make school lunches the night before or in the morning? Or do you prep them on Sunday’s for the week ahead?

No matter how you meal prep for making school lunches, it can be one of the more frustrating tasks for parents and children alike. You wonder if your child will actually eat what you pack, and the children wonder if they’ll like what’s inside.

We have four suggestions to help reduce the stress that accompanies making packed lunches all school year long:

Use a recipe book: When you realize you’ve been packing the same school lunch day in and day out, it’s time to reach for some inspiration. PlanetBox’s new Eat The Alphabet cookbook has 156 recipes and meal ideas to use with your favourite PlanetBox. We love that it’s filled with pictures and meal ideas to make following instructions super simple.

Prep your veggies and fruits ahead of time: Wash and prepare your produce after grocery shopping, and store it in the fridge so it’s ready to be quickly packed away into lunch boxes. It’ll be so easy your children will be able to help put together their lunches.

A selection of snack containers: Deep or wide or microwave safe…PlanetBox has a ton of containers with easy to open lids that don’t leak. The Big Dipper is a favourite for yogurt, sauces, and dips. It fits nicely inside the Rover and when latched, you can be sure that that homemade pudding you served won’t leak all of your child’s lunch bag.

Make once, eat twice: Double or triple up your recipes, especially dinner, to make a meal your whole family can eat twice. It’s the season of warming meals made in slow cookers, meaning batch cooking can take much less time.