Simple Ways To Save Money By Going Green

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Going green is a hot topic in the world today, and for important reasons. Our magnificent planet Earth has put up with a lot from the human species, and we are recognizing more and more each day how our wastefulness and the not-so-eco-friendly products are impacting our world. There is no plan(et) “B” to turn to, so doing what we can to reduce our eco footprints is essential to keep our Earth lush and lively for generations to come.

The above is, of course, the ethical piece of our decision to “go green”, but there are also some other motivating reasons to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices. One of the most popular reasons to switch your habits comes down to saving ourselves a little green.

Simple Ways to Save Money by Going Green

Invest in Reusable

Of course it would be great for the environment if we all quit buying bottled waters and other single-use products and switched to reusable items to carry our drinks, food, groceries, etc. But in terms of self-serving lifestyle choices, making these switches is also great for our bank accounts. Why pay $2 for a bottle of water each day, when you could invest a little more for a reusable water bottle that can last for years? (Plus, the reusable bottles are generally far nicer to use and look more attractive, too.)

Choosing for durability

Maybe you’ve tried buying reusable products before, but opted for the most inexpensive alternatives in an effort to conserve your dollar. Unfortunately, not all reusable items are created the same, and in many cases the saying “you get what you pay for” rings true. It is so unfortunate to buy a “reusable” products that only works properly for a few uses before it joins the landfill.

To make sure your investment is worthwhile, choose your products wisely to ensure they will last, and will work for your needs over the coming years. Reputable brands like PlanetBox and Go Green Lunchbox are not only built to last, but so much thought has gone into the design and production of these products to make them safe, non-toxic, easy-to-use, and personalizable. When you have a PlanetBox Lunch Kit, it’s look is easy to switch up using magnets that come in many different styles (as well as many different carrying bag options), so it can grow with your or your child’s changing interests and styles.

Buying in Bulk

Sure, it’s easy to grab a box of individually packaged snacks and throw them in when packing lunches, but have you ever noticed how much you pay for these pre-packed edibles? The next time you go grocery shopping, skip these snacks and head to the bulk aisle. Not only will you be saving money by buying your foods in bulk, but you can also feel good about all the unnecessary waste from those little packages and the box that they come in. Double win! Triple win when you consider how easy and awesome reusable bento boxes are to pack by filling the compartments with your favourite snacks for a waste-free lunch.

Energy Savings

Lights! Camera! Action! But when the action is over, are you turning off your lights and unplugging those electronics? It’s not just about saving the world by reducing our energy use, it’s also about saving you money on your power bills.

Once you’re in the habit of making sure to hit that switch on your way out of the room, or flicking off the power bar to your commonly used electronics (think TV, game console, baby monitors, microwave, etc), it’s one of the easiest and most simple things you can do to give the planet (and your pocket) a bit of a break.

Also, when choosing powered products, like essential oil diffusers, take note of any energy-savings options, such as automatic shut-off, LED lights, and low-power settings.

There are many ways to take little steps toward sustainability. Hopefully this post has inspired you to try at least one way to reduce your impact on the planet, no matter what your “green” motivation is. So, will you give green a go?