Tips and Tools To Make School Lunches More Motivating For Kids

School lunch boxes

Have you got a little bird of an (non)eater in your family? Opening up those lunch boxes to find only a few nibbles taken out of the healthy lunch you’ve tried so hard to provide can be disheartening. If you’re struggling to get your kids to eat what you’ve packed in their lunches, try these ideas to motivate your littles into eating a little bit more throughout the day.

Invest In An Awesome Lunch Box

Having a lunch box that your kids (and you) love can make a world of difference in how motivated they are to open it up at snack and lunch time. Investing in a stunning PlanetBox lunch kit or a Go Green Lunch Box might be the ticket to more lunch being munched.


Not only are PlanetBox lunch kits visually appealing to children and adults alike (especially when you can so easily change the magnet designs), but they’re also built to last with quality material and craftmanship. The Go Green lunch boxes are also built to last, and include a small whiteboard in the top of the lid for you to leave reminders, fun drawings, or heartfelt notes for your kids to find when they open it up.

Cut Foods Into Interesting Shapes

An easy way to spice up a boring-looking lunch is to change up the shape of the foods. Simply using a melon baller to add fun fruity balls of cantaloupe or watermelon to a lunch, or snipping out some bits of cucumber circles to turn them into stars can make mealtime so much more fun.

If you really want to jazz up your little’s sandwiches, cheese, fruits, veggies and more, try out some neat cutters, like the Lunch Punch sandwich (and more) cutters we carry in-store. (Psst… if you’re lucky, you may even find a gift basket with these and more on clearance now!)

Theme Lunches

While some themed lunches you see these days are extraordinary works of art, you can still create a fun theme with your children’s lunch by thinking creatively. Perhaps your theme is location-based (ie. foods from a particular part of the world), based on your child’s favourite show or interests, or it might even go along with the topics that your little one is learning about at school.

You can check out some fantastic ideas for themed lunches on Pinterest here.