Using Essential Oils To Support Routines

lemon essential oil

With the school year well under way, some of you many still be struggling to adjust to the new routines required to carry you successfully through your busy days. Whether you’re finding it tremendously difficult to guide everyone through their activities with focus and on time, or you’re a seasoned pro at following a schedule, using essential oils can be a benefit to your family.

While you may already be diffusing essential oils in your home to act as a natural air freshener, did you know that essential oils can also affect your mood and energy levels? Sense of smell is often the strongest of the senses, and since our olfactory bulbs are directly linked to the areas of the brain that process emotions and learning. By choosing the right oil for the right task and time of day, your diffuser can help to make everything run a little bit smoother.

3 Essential Oils To Support Routines

Lemon: The Good Morning Oil

This essential oil is the perfect way to start your day. The scent of lemons are uplifting and can help ward off depression. Add in the clarifying properties, which can help to calm feelings of anger and anxiety, and you have a magic potion for those of us who are not morning people. This is especially true for pregnant women, as lemon has been proven to help reduce nausea in women suffering from morning sickness. As an added bonus for those with school-aged children, the antiviral and antibacterial properties of lemon essential oil can also help to support the immune system, fighting colds and sore throats.

Peppermint: The Brain Boosting Oil

Need some help to get in the groove of projects and homework? Diffuse peppermint oil while you study! Peppermint essential oil is a go-to for helping with concentration, boosting energy, and clearing your thoughts, as this scent invigorates the brain. This oil can also help with headaches and digestion, which might be making getting the job done difficult.

Lavender: The Calm Down Oil

Many of those who use essential oils are familiar with the calming effects of lavender. Diffusing this aroma at the end of the day can help to release nervous tension as it has a soothing effect on your nerves. This also makes it helpful for relieving headaches and promoting sleep. All these benefits mean that lavender essential oil can help everyone relax and rest, and get a better night’s sleep.

If you’re not already making use of the natural benefits of diffusing essential oils in your home, try it out! You have nothing to lose but anxiety and tensions, and so much more to gain. At the very least, your home will smell delicious without all the toxins that come with chemical air fresheners. You can find these three and more pure essential oils here at The Ninety Ninth Monkey. We also carry a few different options for attractive and quality essential oil diffusers here.

Good luck with your routines and busy days! Let’s all remember to take some deep breaths and make the most of this new school year.